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Vaccines are an important component of preventative health care in cats. Vaccines help prevent infectious diseases and their use has protected cats that previously would have succumbed to disease.  There are many vaccines available today for over a dozen diseases.  Not all cats need every vaccine on the market and available  to veterinarians.

Reckless vaccination practices can be as harmful to your cat as not vaccinating. There are core vaccines all cats should receive and others should be considered based on each cats individual risk factors for disease. Your cat's access to the outdoors, also immune status, age and other factors may affect vaccine selection.

At Cat Care PC of Rochester Hills, our veterinarians follow vaccination guidelines that are provided by the American Association of Feline Practitioners in association with the Cornell Feline Health Center.

Another consideration in vaccine selection is which manufacturer to use. We use only vaccines that are considered the best for the cat based on protection and freedom from side effects. Be assured that vaccines used at Cat Care PC of Rochester Hills are selected for your cat's optimal health.

Please ask our doctors or licensed technicians any questions you might have regarding the vaccination of your cat.