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Trips to the Vet

For many cats and their owners, a trip to the vet can be a very stressful ordeal. Many cats run, hide and fight their owners when it is time to get into the carrier.  The primary reason for this type of behavior is fear. There are things you can do to help eliminate some of this fear and make your cats vet visit a more pleasant one.

Keeping the carrier out at home is good trick to make it less threatening to your cat. Putting catnip and cat treats inside can make it a safe haven. Even if you choose not to leave your cat carrier out all the time, taking it out several days before the veterinary appointment can help your cat adjust to its presence.

Taking your cat for rides to places other than the veterinary clinic can help eliminate the fear of the carrier, especially if you associate these trips with positive reinforcements like treats and toys. To help prevent car sickness, do not feed your cat before traveling.

Handling your cat at home by regularly grooming, nail trimming and teeth brushing helps get your cat accustomed to being handled, so exams with the veterinarian are not so unpleasant.

For cats who get very stressed when it is time to visit the vet, there are calming agents that can be administered. At Cat Care PC of Rochester Hills, the veterinarians often prescribe a calming nutriceutical that can be safely administered to most cats prior to travel. This is not a sedative, since sedatives may have adverse affects on cats.

And remember, never yell or handle your cat roughly when going to the vets office. This just enhances your cats fear and may make the next visit more stressful.