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Vicki Mastny, Licensed Veterinary Technician, Team member since 2014: I have been in the veterinary field for twenty years and I don't regret a day that I came into this profession; I love my job. I worked at a dog/cat practice for 17 years before joining Cat Care. I had always enjoyed taking the cat appointments at my previous position, so now I get to enjoy my job even more.
I have a Labrador at home as well as two wonderful cats. Panda is a domestic long hair, who is beautiful and affectionate. There is Pickles who is more clumsy then you would think a cat should be, but just as loveable as he throws himself to the ground to have his belly rubbed.Outside of work, I love gardening in the summer and reading in the winter. I also love to travel. I have been to some amazing places and hope I can continue to visit new places in the future.

Rachel Stanko, Licensed Veterinary Technician, Team Member since 2017: I had no animal medical history at all, but I knew I wanted to be a vet tech since I took a career test in middle school. During my classes at Baker College, I completed an internship at another cat clinic and was hooked before I graduated in 2014. 
After getting married, I decided to leave the small animal practice I was at and pursue a career in just feline medicine, and I am loving it! There's just something so rewarding and challenging about cats.

I personally have 2 cats: Zoey & Bosco. They are looked over by my rescue dog Winry. My home wouldn't be complete without my furbabies around. 

Michelle Vidor, Veterinary Assistant and Receptionist, Team Member since 2018: I started working as a veterinary assistant/receptionist at Cat Care in 2018 but started working in the veterinary field in 2014, after receiving my veterinary assistant certification from Ross medical the same year. Before starting in the veterinary field, I worked as an EMT and for a medical monitoring company.  I enjoy being able to help people but have always had a special place in my heart for animals, especially cats. I recently lost a cat I had had since she was 6 weeks old to oral cancer.  It was very difficult to lose her after 15 years but now I am lucky enough to have Charlie, a great cat who I first met when she was just a few weeks old who officially became my little girl this past October at 6 months of age.