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 Kitten Care

The first 6 months of a kitten's life is extremely important in determining life-long health. Preventative medicine is most important at this time. The initial health examination should begin at no older than six to eight weeks of age. A complete physical examination is performed by the veterinarian at each visit.

We follow the AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners) guidelines for wellness care for kittens. The following is the recommended timeline for kitten care:

Initial Visit

  • 6 - 8 weeks of age

  • Comprehensive Physical Exam

  • FELV/FIV/Heartworm Test (all cats should be tested for FELV/FIV before entering the home)

  • 1st FVRCP

  • 1st Feline Leukemia Vaccine

  • Fecal Flotation Test

  • Deworming

Return Visit

  • The return visit should be approximately 4 weeks
    after the initial visit

  • Comprehensive Physical Exam

  • 2nd FVRCP

  • Final Feline Leukemia Vaccine

  • 2nd Deworming

Final Visit

  • Final visit should be approximately 4 weeks after the second visit,
    at approximately 16 weeks of age

  • Final FVRCP

  • Rabies 1 year vaccine

  • Final Deworming

A final fecal flotation test should be confirmed as no eggs seen.  Drop this sample off at the clinic approximately 3-4 weeks after the final deworming. 

A second FELV/FIV/Heartworm test is recommended 2 months after the first test. (There can be a latent period between exposure to the virus and when the cat actually becomes positive on the test). 

Kittens can be declawed as early as three months old. If you choose to do this procedure, it is advisable to declaw the kitten as soon as possible. The larger the kitten at the time of the declaw, the harder the recovery. Declaws can be performed at the time as a spay or neuter.