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Geriatric Care

At Cat Care PC of Rochester Hills, we consider most cats over 8 years of age to be geriatric. Geriatric health exams are recommended a minimum of once every six months, and more often if chronic disease is present. Many diseases can be treated much more effectively if they are diagnosed at an early stage. The types of disease we routinely encounter are kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease.

For every 1 year that passes, cats age approximately four years. Thus, physiological changes occur rapidly. We recommend wellness testing regularly for all patients to obtain baseline information about organ function, blood pressure and urinalysis.

The Geriatric Health Wellness package is recommended every 6 months for all senior cats (age 8+ years). It includes:

  • Comprehensive blood tests (serum chemistries, including thyroid levels, hematology and electrolytes)
  • Blood Pressure
  • Urinalysis