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Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease

Feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) is an inflammatory disease of the bladder and urethra. Signs of FLUTD often include increased frequency of urination, straining to urinate, bloody or odorous urine, and in life threatening situations, complete obstruction of the urinary tract leading to the inability to urinate.

There are many causes of FLUTD, but most often the reason is unknown. This is referred to as idiopathic feline lower urinary tract disease. Some of the other causes can be urinary or bladder stones, bacterial infections, tumors, anatomical abnormalities or urethral blockages caused by crystals or stones.

FLUTD is diagnosed by clinical signs the cat displays, blood samples, x-rays of the bladder and urethra and a urinalysis that will confirm the presence of inflammation, infection and crystals.

Treatment for FLUTD often depends on the cause. Anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, prescription diets and in the case of urethral blockage and bladder stones, surgery is required.

If your cat shows any symptoms of FLUTD, it is important that she been seen by a veterinarian immediately. Some causes of FLUTD can be life threatening and require immediate medical attention.