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Feline Heartworm Disease

Feline Heartworm Disease is a disease in which a nematode (Dirofilaria immitis), a type of worm, infects the heart or lungs of a cat. HARD stands for Heartworm Associated Respiratory Disease, which represents the clinical signs of heartworm disease.

Cats become infected with heartworm disease through the mosquito bites of infected mosquitos. The symptoms of HARD mimic the symptoms of many other common diseases. Some symptoms include coughing, labored breathing, vomiting and weight loss. Feline Heartworm Disease can also be completely silent with NO overt symptoms.

ALL cats are at risk for Feline Heartworm Disease. We, along with the American Heartworm Society, recommend heartworm preventative year-round, because there are no good tests or treatments for Feline Heartworm Disease.

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