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Cat Care's COVID-19 Response



Cat Care will be rescheduling and postponing most of our WELLNESS APPOINTMENTS and ELECTIVE SURGERIES untill 5-1-2020. We intend to remain open for our clients and patients. We will be prioritizing medical appointments over well-health services at this time. We have extended this date in response to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's announced extension of her “Stay Home, Stay Safe” effective until 4-30-2020.


To our Cat Care Family-
Many of you have heard about the tiger in the NYC zoo who tested positive for COVID-19. I’ve already fielded several phone calls and emails asking about COVID in domestic kitties, so I want to provide reliable information. Keep in mind that our knowledge and understanding is expanding rapidly, so our recommendations will evolve as we learn more about the virus.
I have found the “Worms and Germs Blog” by Scott Weese, DVM to be an excellent source of information about COVID-19 in animals. Here are the most important take-home points from his last several cat-related blog posts:
• The tiger in NYC was exposed to COVID-19 by an infected but asymptomatic zoo keeper; she is expected to make a full recovery.
• There is some experimental and anecdotal evidence that humans can pass the virus to cats, but there is no evidence as of yet that cats have infected their owners.
• Cats who were experimentally infected with COVID showed some upper respiratory signs, but significant disease was not reported.
• Although this is principally a human disease, we cannot ignore the role animals may play. That doesn’t mean we need to over-react or fear our own kitties; it means that we should take simple, practical measures to help prevent the spread to animals and humans.
o Limit contact with animals if you have COVID-19.
o If someone in your house has COVID-19, keep your animals away from other people and animals.
o Include pets in your social distancing plans! Keep your pets away from other animals and people, just as you are doing for the humans in your household.
We are always willing to take phone or email questions, but here are several sources that I trust to provide reliable information:
“Worms and Germs Blog” by Dr. Scott Weese
Veterinary Partners / VIN
Purringly yours-
Tamara A. Sloan, DVM
Chief of Staff


We're working hard following the new Executive Order and keeping our practice open to care for our patients. <3
Due to Governor Whitmer’s executive order No. 2020-32, we are limiting in-hospital appts to “essential” services only.
These include services that are:
1) necessary to preserve the life of a pet, as determined by a licensed veterinarian
2) necessary to treat serious pain that threatens the health and safety of a pet, as determined by a licensed veterinarian
3) necessary to euthanize a pet, as determined by a licensed veterinarian
4) necessary to treat or prevent the transmission of any infectious disease that can be transmitted between animal and human beings, as determined by a licensed veterinarian
We are going to use telemedicine as much as possible for those sick animals who do not fall into any of the above categories (for example, sneezing/congested kitties; uncomplicated ear infections, etc). What is telemedicine? It is the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology
Examples of cats who need to be seen in clinic include:
1) Acute vomiting/not eating or known foreign body ingestion
2) Severely lethargic, depressed cats
3) Seizures
4) Euthanasias
5) Traumatic injuries such as Hit By Car
When you call into our clinic with conerns about your kitty, you may speak with one of our veterinarians first to determine if your kitty needs to be urgently seen or if your kitty may be treated with telemedicine.
Please continue to CALL AHEAD for any medication and food refills you may be in need of. Please see previous posts regarding our new curbside policy.
We could never be thankful enough for your understanding as we navigate these difficult times and instigate new courses in veterinary medicine.
Thank you all,
The Cat Care Crew


We're taking a number of precautionary measures to continue providing
quality care to our patients while ensuring everyone's safety in the midst of the
COVID-19 outbreak.

For the time being, only employees will be allowed inside the hospital. We will meet clients in the parking lot to pick up pets and/or deliver food and
medications right to your car. During this time, services may be limited and we may need to make changes to existing appointments. If your appointment is going to be affected, we will contact you regarding the changes.

Our new, curbside program goes like this:
Please arrive with your cat in a sturdy carrier. Call us when you arrive. You may be placed on a brief hold to speak with the technician that will be
handling your case. The technician with listen and write down your concerns and problems to be addressed. The technician will then meet you at your
vehicle to bring your cat into the clinic.
During the appointment, you will be in contact by phone with the doctor and technician. We will update you with any procedures that need to be performed
and any estimates that need approval.

Once all procedures have been approved and completed:
We will contact you by phone to update you with results, go over any medications and complete the payment process (At this moment we are accepting debit and credit card payments only). After payment has been processed, we will return your pet and any medications to your vehicle.
We will still be accepting orders for food and prescription refills. We ask that payment is made over the phone and that we bring these products to your

If you’re feeling under the weather, please reschedule your appointment.
Keeping everyone safe is our top priority. You won’t be penalized for rescheduling and we will do our best to work you back in as quickly as time allows.

Follow us on Facebook to keep up with our latest COVID-19 updates and if
you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to call us.

Thank you,
The Cat Care of Rochester Hills Team


Cat Care will be rescheduling and postponing most of our WELLNESS APPOINTMENTS and ELECTIVE SURGERIES until 4-13-2020. We intend to remain open for our clients and patients. We will be prioritizing medical appointments over well-health services at this time.

We are doing this in response to the COVID-19 crisis and doing our part to help flatten the curve for our community.  Please understand the adjustment in our services is for not only the well-being of our staff, but for you, our beloved clients. 

Please continue to call ahead for any medication or food refills you may be requiring. Our wonderful staff will still be in office to answer any health concerns you may have about your cat as well over the phone. If you have questions, please contact our office at 248-852-2622.

To our Cat Care family 
Cat Care remains open and available to care for your feline friends! We are following all cleaning and hygiene procedures as recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association, World Health Organization, and the Centers for Disease Control. Cat Care is also offering several options to decrease your potential exposure:

1) Drop-off appointments- We will offer non-traditional appointments for anyone who prefers to decrease time spent in the clinic. All communications & payment can be handled over the phone.

2) Concierge service- you can check in via phone when you arrive, then wait in your car until we have an exam room available.

3) Reschedule- We are happy to reschedule any non-emergent appointments, but we are NOT requiring you to reschedule. This includes any elective surgical procedures. We do encourage you to reschedule your appointment if you, or anyone you have had contact with in the last 2 weeks, has shown any signs of sickness. Please call us to make alternate arrangements.

4) Pre-order and pay for food or medications- We can have the prescriptions or food order filled and ready for you to pick up without having to wait or pay in-clinic.

5) Ship medications- We can ship some medications to you (shipping fees apply).

Cat Care is dedicated to providing the same compassionate care for your furbabies, even during this trying time. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Purringly yours-
Tamara A. Sloan, DVM
Chief of Staff