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Cat Scratching

Scratching is absolutely normal behavior for all cats. Scratching helps cats keep their nails groomed, stretches their muscles and also serves as a scent marker for territory. Even cats who are declawed "scratch."

Some cats like to scratch vertically and some like horizontal scratching surfaces. Training a cat to scratch on a designated scratching post early in life helps minimize scratching in unwanted areas.

First, put scratching posts in your cats favorite area. Entice your cat to use the post by putting treats, toys or catnip on the post. Always reward your cat for good behavior to reinforce it, and never yell at or punish your cat (this will just frighten them, and probably won't keep them from scratching anyway).

Cats usually have a "substrate preference," which means that they like to scratch certain surfaces.  For example, many kitties like the roughness of sisal or wicker, while others prefer carpet.  We've even had cats who show a marked preference for chenille pillows or wood trim!  Offer your cat a scratching post that mimics their preferred surface.  Be creative-  new fabric or rope can be wound around an existing scratching post and stapled or glued in place. 

There are some things you can do to help minimize scratching in inappropriate places. Double-sided sticky tape, aluminum foil and citrus smells can all be used as a deterent.

Keeping your cats nails trimmed minimizes damage and the staff of Cat Care PC of Rochester Hills will be more than happy to show you how to successfully trim your cats nails.